Friday, March 02, 2007

Solving climate change: the truth is out there

This is a little leftfield:

A former Canadian defence minister says be believes advanced technology from extraterrestrial civilizations offers the best hope to "save our planet" from the perils of climate change.

Paul Hellyer, 83, is calling for a public disclosure of alien technology obtained during alleged UFO crashes -- such as the mysterious 1947 incident in Roswell, New Mexico -- because he believes alien species can provide humanity with a viable alternative to fossil fuels. Mr. Hellyer has been a public UFO advocate since September 2005 when he spoke at a symposium in Toronto. But with concern over global warming at an all-time high, and Canadian political parties struggling to out-green one another, Mr. Hellyer said governments and the military have a responsibility to "come clean on what they know" now more than ever.

"Climate change is the No. 1 problem facing the world today," he said. "I'm not discouraging anyone from being green conscious, but I would like to see what (alien) technology there might be that could eliminate the burning of fossil fuels within a generation ... that could be a way to save our planet."...

Mr. Hellyer, a former Liberal cabinet minister, political turncoat and one-time leadership candidate for the Liberal and Conservative parties, said UFO researchers have amassed undeniable evidence that aliens have visited our planet. Due to the distance such spacecrafts would have to travel, UFOs must be equipped with some kind of advanced fuel source or propulsion system, he said.


In news more terrestrial, network Ten has a show this Sunday night at 8.30pm called Cool Aid: The national carbon test, a 2 hour "world premiere television event" that "delves into the lives of everyday Australians and audits the environmental footprint of five different household types around the country" - together with celebrity interviews and live performances. Sounds a bit wacky but will be interesting to see how Ten grapples with bringing climate change awareness to a mass-TV audience.

When UFO hunters are using climate change to bring attention to their agenda and commercial networks are running two-hour Sunday night celebrity specials on the issue, you know it's become a minstream concern.

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