Thursday, March 08, 2007

New Australian green living site

Check out, a great new site for anyone looking for tips for a green lifestyle.

The site, created by WWF (and with a lot of work from Grant Young from the Synapse Chronicles blog), is a place where people can share their ideas for living sustainably. There's some good tips there for individuals and businesses.

It looks great and I like that you can add your own ideas. And you can keep updated with the Future Blog.

I've also noticed an Australian green living blog, called GreenFoot, which somehow I haven't seen before, although it's been around for a while. It's another really good resource: readable, interesting and a lot prettier than my blogspot effort.

And speaking of Australian environmental blogs, I really need to update my blogroll in that category. Please let me know if there's any you'd recommend.


Grant said...

Cheers David :)

I can't help but get a little zing of excitement when a blogger I regularly read mentions something I've been involved in - thanks...

Trina's blog (GreenFoot) is cool - a regular read in my blog list.

trinatune said...

Hi David, thanks for your link to Greenfoot - it also means that I have found you too. And cheers Grant for the plug ;-)

TheNourisher said...

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