Friday, January 12, 2007

What do you want to see on Oikos?

I’ve been thinking about the content on Oikos and I’m wanting to make it more regular and predictable.

Some of my aims in starting Oikos a little over a year ago were to:
  • Get some discussion going on the economic aspects of environmental issues in Australia;
  • Educate people interested in the environment about economic ways of looking at environmental issues – particularly because those aspects tend to be emphasised in political decision-making and because I think the proponents of environmentally damaging activities have a better handle on this than the opponents of these activities;
  • Highlight dodgy reporting and analysis of environmental issues.
  • Clarify my own thinking and educate myself about economics and environmental issues.
Since I’ve started there are quite a few more Australian blogs that discuss these issues from time to time, which is great.

I’m thinking about introducing some regular (weekly) segments, such as:
  • My thoughts on big picture issues that have been on my mind – perhaps on a Monday;
  • Explaining a particular economic concept that can help in looking at environmental issues – perhaps on a Wednesday; and
  • A weekly round-up of posts from Australian blogs that have looked at environmental issues from an economic point of view, together with any particularly important environmental economics news stories and overseas developments – probably on a Friday.
I’m also interested in other areas that raise similar economic issues to the environment – public health, for example – and will start to write a bit on those issues.

What would you like to see on Oikos this year? What issues are you most interested in? Any comments and suggestions would be most welcome.


Phil said...

Of course I like some transport and energy related stuff, obviously with a green/enviro/econ focus.

signature103 said...

Thanks for your blog-thoughts. I enjoy reading it.

I would like to see more on the problems of the basic economic mechanisms, though, rather than just an assumption that economics is always correct. Much of economics and ecology are in direct conflict. Your thoughts on this would be great (preferably on Wednesdays *laughs*).

Also seems you are making blog-promises you cannot keep (December 2006). My advice is not to commit but post when you can. This comes from a fellow blogger who knows busy-ness doesn't allow for blogging. Otherwise you might lose interest in it. Besides, your friends and family are far more important than blogging.

Miss Krin said...

I liked the potential of yopur previously posted theme for 2007.

Big pictures issues are good, when you have something to share, but I would also echo the caution of signature103, beware the blog-promises. The beauty of the blog is that it can be as structured or as un-structured as you like.

sachab said...

Three considered posts a week might end up taking too much of your time and energy - I agree with signature103 - post when you can or feel like it.

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