Friday, January 19, 2007

Weekly Blog Roundup

As I suggested last week, I’m planning to have a weekly roundup of interesting blog posts from the week on environmental and economic issues – concentrating particularly on Australian issues and on issues that are both environmental and economic.

So here’s some of my favourites from this week:

Water restrictions

Economist Harry Clarke outlines some of the benefits of water restrictions but argues that increasing prices would give the same benefits without the arbitrary side-affects. (This is something I talked about a couple of weeks ago). Harry also deals with the concern of charging high prices for water to people on low incomes and offers some solutions.

Phone books

Earlier in the week, Amy Stodghill talked about the apparent waste of providing chunky paper phone books to every household and business in the US. I asked Telstra / Sensis about the position in Australia. The discussion has struck a chord, with Grant Young and Andrea at Buy Organic adding their thoughts and Sven Cahling talking about the situation in Sweden (for anyone who can speak Swedish!).

Green power

Economist Joshua Gans asks some questions about Green Power, such as ‘Will buying green power actually lead to more green power production?

Have a great weekend!


Tom Wilson said...

Speaking of Australian blogs with an environmental focus...

Have you read Peter Adams' blog? And Ben Ouquist's blog? I have links to them from my site:
(I also write a blog - with a different focus to your blog... I'll let you check it out).

David Jeffery said...

Thanks for those Tom - I hadn't come across them before. I enjoyed them, and yours.