Thursday, August 10, 2006

An inconvenient truth: Coming soon to a cinema near you

Al Gore's climate change movie An Inconvenient Truth opens in cinemas across Australia on 15 September.

In the meantime, WWF is hosting an advanced screening in Sydney at Dendy Opera Quays on Wednesday 6 September.

For more info about the film check out the Inconvenient Truth website.

(Thanks to Vincenze for the heads-up.)

Update 9/11/06: I saw the film and my thoughts are here: An Inconvenient Truth: My thoughts



Robert Metcalfe said...

There is a good interview with him on google videos if no-one can be bothered to go to the cinema:

Specialist Legal Services said...

Sweet, we'll have to see this, thanks for the notice!

Matt Stone said...

I'll look forward to seeing it.

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