Thursday, August 10, 2006

Australian economics blogs

There's some excellent economics blogs in Australia, from academics and others.


Harry Clarke is Professor of Economics at La Trobe Uni. His blog examines environmental and urban transport economics and the economics of public health - in particular, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Joshua Gans is Professor of Management (Information Economics) at Melbourne Business School (Uni of Melbourne). His blog mainly looks at economics of technology, strategy and public policy.

Andrew Leigh is an economics lecturer at the ANU's Research School of Social Sciences in Canberra. His blog focusses on public policy economics.

John Quiggin, an academic economist at the University of Queensland, is a long-time and well-known Australian blogger. He approaches economics from a 'social-democratic perspective' so his stuff is a bit more lefty than the usual neoclassical fare.

Other economists

Institutional economics is a blog by Stephen Kirchner, a financial market economist based in Sydney. It has a macro and international focus, looking at economies, capital markets, monetary policy and similar wacky stuff.


Catallaxy and Club Troppo I guess you'd describe as broadly right-of-centre political group blogs but they have some good economic pieces in between the usual political, um, discourse.

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Hi David.

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Nicholas Gruen said...

I'd call Catallaxy right of centre and Troppo centre, or if you think that positioning is too cute, we're a bit to the left of Catallaxy.

Kate said...

Hi David, this is a great blog! I host Australia's top environmental podcast A Climate Affair and thought you might be interested. Tonight I interviewed John Quiggin. You can listen to the interview via Cheers! Kate

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