Thursday, October 08, 2009

What's the Opposition's climate policy?

I saw Maclolm Turnbull interviewed the other night saying that he supported emissions trading and reminding people that emissions trading was indeed government policy under the previous Howard Liberal government when Turnbull was Environment Minister (it was pretty token and very very late if I remember rightly). He also said that it had been on their "legislative program" to introduce (I guess they ran out of time; 11 years in government only gives you so much time to make new laws). He said the Coalition didn't oppose emissions trading (it was Coalition policy) - what they oppose is Labor's confused and costly scheme.

It all made me think: what is their position? I don't recall them articulating what exactly they don't like about the proposed scheme and what they would do differently. It seems that every public figure and lobby group in Australia has said what they do and don't like about the scheme and how they'd like it changed - except our opposition party.

Can this be right?


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