Sunday, August 09, 2009

What I've been up to...

Hi all,

Well Oikos is back. Welcome readers old and new!

Oikos is a blog I started in November 2005, while enrolled in a Masters in environmental economics and not long after moving from an environment NGO to a government environmental agency.

The blog's focus is at the intersection of the environment and economics. Both ecology and economics derive from the Greek oikos, meaning household.

I'll mostly be looking at environmental policy on Oikos for now, with environmental economics, environmental markets and climate change a major focus. I'll also talk a bit about related topics I'm interested in (eg, prediction markets and behavioural economics).

2009's been a busy year so far. Work has certainly had an environmental markets focus, with involvement in establishing a market for biodiversity offsets. I've finished my last coursework subject at uni (evaluating impacts of policies using econometric and experimental methods) and my thesis (relating to carbon trading and prediction markets) while kind of stalled right now, is almost finished. And I've been busy organising my wedding too (the big day's next Jan)!

Anyway, I feel it's time to get Oikos back up and running and continue the environmental policy debate. Please join me!



Grant said...

Hi David.

Welcome back :) Looking forward to hearing more from you in the coming months - and congrats on the wedding - I'm sure it will be a wonderful day...

Regards, Grant

David Jeffery said...

Thanks Grant!