Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Liveblogging the budget

Can't wait until tonight's budget? No worries, Zoe at CrazyBrave has already blogged the best bits, in advance:
7.37... We’re going to investigate the tax system - root and branch. We’re going to get the head of Treasury to tell us what bits are rooted and then we’ll get the maths whizzes who organised our branch stacking in NSW and Victoria to fix it all up.

7.38 There will be downward pressure on interest rates. There will be downward pressure on inflation. There will be downward pressure on prices, particularly at the supermarket and the service station. In fact Labor will ensure that downward pressure is so omnipresent it is a matter of some doubt whether the daffodils will manage to raise their sunny little heads next spring.

Well I'll be watching tonight anyway, taking a drink each time Swan mentions Working Families and checking out what's in there for the environment if I'm still sober.


Zoe said...

If you want to drink responsibly, just have a sip of water for every "downward pressure" and you'll be right.

Anonymous said...

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