Thursday, January 03, 2008

Who should you vote for in the US Presidential elections?

A site that should be of interest to all US readers (and many others) is

A non-partisan site, it aims to give you an insight into how the views of the Presidential contenders align with your own views.

First it asks you to assign points to issues that you're most concerned about, then it asks you a series of questions about those issues. Based on your responses, it tells you which contenders align most closely with your beliefs and - importantly - provides references and links to back up that assessment.

In case you're interested, the winning candidate for me was Bill Richardson (Democrat from New Mexico), followed closely by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. On environment and energy issues, Richardson was well in front (seems he's more of a greenie than I am), followed by Clinton.

More about glassbooth and some other handy election resources can be found in this Wired article.


Jake said...

Acropolis Review suggests Al Gore could play an important role in the days ahead.

Kit Stolz said...

I'm not a Hillary fan, but she has clearly thought out her stand on climate issues well. On legislation I don't see much of a difference between her and the surviving candidates. I do think Obama has a chance of setting off a landslide that could change everything, and lead to greater progress than anyone now expects. That's why I support him.