Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Will climate change get a run in tonight's budget?

Federal Treasurer Peter Costello hands down his 10th(?) budget tonight. Will climate change get a mention?

Not much, according to the budget 'leaks' so far: there seems to be an extension to the solar rebate and little else.

Anyway, have a punt at the Greenpeace website on how many mentions there will be and win a solar backpack. The competition closes at 5pm.

HT: Solidariti


Bunny said...

It's worth checking out the Greenpeace website just to see the picture of Peter Costello on the front page looking like a complete tool. Pretty funny.

David said...

He photographs so well!

carl said...

David, now that the budget 07 is out I'd be interested to read about your interpretation of it to some degree?

David said...

In terms of the environment, there's not much there at all Carl. A restoration of a grant for putting solar panels on homes, schools, etc that was reduced a few years ago was the only significant item (and some funding re water issues in the Murray-Darling which had already been announced). The big announcements will (hopefully!) come later in the year, presumalby as we get close to the election.