Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Convenient Truth

Here's a convenient truth: you can see Al Gore's climate change doco An Inconvenient Truth for free.

According to the Australian Conservation Foundation, travel agency Intrepid Travel will refund the cost of your ticket if you send them the stub. Details here.

And speaking of ACF, climate change and free stuff, you can also get a free 'climate change action kit' from ACF, containing such goodies as:
  • Fridge Magnet with GreenHome tips for making simple changes in your life to reduce your greenhouse pollution
  • 'Act now on Climate Change' sticker
  • ‘Australia’s Inconvenient Truth’ – this booklet provides an overview of climate change, its impact on Australia and solutions we can adopt today
  • A letter for you to send to your Federal MP urging greater Government action on climate change
  • Ways for you to become part of a growing community of Australians committed to tackling climate change.
Details here.

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Grant said...

The Intrepid thang is v. cool. I heard ActNow promoted it to their MySpace friends and got a bunch to go along. I thought it was a one-off, but it seems to be much broader - thanks for the tip :)

A little known fact relating to the "Australia's Inconvenient Truth" booklet is that WWF helped put it together. WWF has a version available for download at: