Wednesday, June 07, 2006

'An Inconvenient Truth' coming to Australia

Al Gore's film about global warming, An Inconvenient Truth, has made quite a splash in the States and will be screening in Australia.

It's showing this weekend as part of the Sydney Film Festival and then at the Melbourne and Brisbane Film Festivals. In Sydney it's showing at the State Theatre on Saturday 10 June at 12:10pm. More details here. (I'll miss it as I'm in Canberra this weekend).

Its general release is unfortunately not scheduled until 14 September. (Why are we still four months behind other countries for cinema releases?)

Another environmental film showing at the Sydney Film Festival is The Last Valley, a doco about the struggle to save the last old-growth rainforest in East Gippsland, told from the point of view of protestors and loggers. Sounds interesting and the director will be there for a question session afterwards. Check it out on Wednesday 21 June at 5 pm at the State Theatre.

Update 9/11/06: I saw the film and my thoughts are here: An Inconvenient Truth: My thoughts


David Jeffery said...

If you can't make the Saturday session, it's on again on Sunday at 5.35 pm.

Vincenze said...

Great, finally we know for sure it's comming down under. :)

Cassie May said...

Hi Dave. Saw this film on the weekend and thought it was really good. So I came in to tell everyone at work that, if it gets wider release, to go and see it. Typed "an inconvenient truth" and "Australia" into Google for information about a wider realease and your blog came up. So I was just thinking "gosh the picture of that guy looks like David Jeffrey"- and what do you know, it is David Jeffrey! Expect a few posts from collegaues now!
Back to the doco though- really good although I though it could do with a bit more grit on the politics- Mr Gore touched on the dodginess on it all, but I wanted a full expose on really WHY Kyoto hasn't been ratified by the US. However, the science was really well presented and beyond convincing. Watch out for a special mention of Australia which makes you feel oh so proud!

Vincenze said...

Hey there cassie...

If you want more political grit I've just the thing, it's an older video of one of his presentations that was really political and really intense.

Get to it at the end of this post.



David Jeffery said...

Hi Cassie,

Well I'll have to be careful what I say here now! ; )


jindydiver said...

The other side of the arguement

mac_davis said...

Hey! I saw your blog through a link at our forum. An Inconvient Truth was discussed at this link. I suggest you check it out!