Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sydney's water future: some other views

I wrote last week about the new Sydney Metropolitan Water Plan. For anyone who's following this, there have been another couple of articles in the paper this week, offering quite different views on the Plan.

Michael Duffy writes that politically savvy 'monopoly buster' company, Services Sydney, is dragging Sydney Water and the Government kicking and screaming toward greater deregulation of the metropolitan water and sewerage market and, with it, more recycling and better economic and environmental outcomes.

Former Sydney Water executive Charles Essery has a rather less sanguine view, suggesting that the recycling targets and measures in the Plan have not changed since the last version of the plan was issued in 2004, that the recycling plant announcements are window dressing and that desalination will be back on the agenda within a year.

It seems the desalination solution might be dead but it's definitely not buried.

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